Photographers and Videographers.

Video Editing

Wedding PhotographyWedding and event photographers used to have their own video camera equipments and crew to capture the weddings and events in to magnificent movie like work. Most of these well experienced photographers used to work with larger pixel size DSLR Cameras. After the wedding or the event they will show the photos to their customers and will ask their choice of their photos to be selected. Once they had selected they will use the latest technologies to make them as beautiful art work. These photos will be made in to different kinds of albums to suit the customers need.

CameraSome wedding albums used to be presented with specially made boxes.

Likewise wedding and the events are edited with the help of the latest editing tables and then made to be as like a real movie and are presented in VCD, DVD and /or Blue ray disk formats. This kind of production work may require arounsd 2-3 months.

Wedding Photo Wedding Photo
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