Home Coming Party.

Home Coming Party.

MeatHome coming party is a place where relatives get together to celebrate the event. This party is specially designed for the new relatives to mix with the others. Most of these parties take place in posh restaurants.

The second this other than the get together is the food dishes served over there. Most of the dishes served over there used to be meat, poultry and sea food.

Chicken Chop-suey

If you are in doubt see these dishes.

  • Fried rice with chicken. | Video
  • Vegetables and egg Fried rice | Video
  • Steamed rice
  • Fried noodles with vegetables and eggs.
  • Fried noodles with chicken. | Video
  • Fried Fish | Video
  • Vegetable Chop suey | Video
  • Sweet and sour fish | Video
  • Fish with spring onion and ginger
  • Hot Garlic Prawns. | Video
  • Thai chili prawns | Video
  • Thai prawns
  • Lamprais | Video
  • Devilled prawns
  • Devilled Soya.
  • Devilled meat.
  • Devilled Chicken
  • Manchurian Chicken | Video
  • Sliced chili chicken with nuts
  • Hot roasted garlic Chicken.
  • Diced chicken with nuts
  • Hot butter cuttlefish
  • Mixed vegetables with Mushroom
  • Red curry bean curd.
  • Desserts | Video

These food dishes are good for special gathering, weddings, corporate functions, Birthdays, Graduations and other parties which guests used to celebrate.

Dessert Noodles

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