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3:56 PM 01/02/2019

Here you can find the name and contact details of the available Marriage Brokers in Jaffna, Colombo, Batticaloa, and Trincomalee, Sri Lanka whom are called as match makers, Marriage Bureau, matrimony service providers and so on. Some of them charge a fee to register Brides and Groom with them. These people will not provide any support without you being a member with them. When you find a suitable bride or groom as partner, you will have to pay a broker fee that you had agreed with the marriage broker at the time of the registration.

You can find their names and contact details in the Sri Lanka Tamil Newspapers.
Some of them work only for Jaffna Tamils, Jaffna Vellalar, up country Tamils, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims only. Check the matrimonial classified advertisements which used to be published on Sunday News papers. Few of these marriage arranging brokers used to make house calls, if you ask them to do so.

Visit their offices in Colombo, Jaffna Trincomalee, Batticalo and Matale by making appointments through their mobile phones. If you are coming from Germany then introduce yourself as German Groom aged 30 years is looking for Sri Lanka Tamil Bride in the age group of 25 - 28. If you are coming from Canada and looking for a Groom in Srilanka then say to them Canada Groom 28 years old Tamil Christian looking for a Tamil Sri Lanka Christian Bride. So first inform them about your origin of country, age, religion and other details.

Some marriage broker offices are well planed and arranged. you can search for bride or groom according to their country, city, cast like Vellalar, never married, divorced, by their profession and by their age. Some of the popular office: Manamalai, Sakthi wedding, Jeewa and Sai.

Please take note we don't have any connection with these Srilanka marriage brokers and we are not responsible for their activities too. You can contact them at your own discreet when you are looking for Tamil marriage service.
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