Music Bands.

In Sri Lanka it is usual to have wedding bands during the marriage event. In the Tamil weddings these music bands used to play Indian cinema songs and popular Sri Lanka baila songs after the marriage event. The guests used to dance in full happy mood along with the music.

While in the Sinhala weddings these bands used to play from the beginning where they start with Mangala Geeth and they will follow the event with traditional music. Later once the wedding ceremony is over and the lunch or dinner is ready they will start to play popular English numbers. If the guest like then they will start to play Sinhala dancing songs and the guests start to dance to the melodies.

Wedding guests who can sing are allowed to entertain the guests with the bands; music.

Normally wedding bands are hired for the event on standard timing and if the wedding group wants to extend their service then you can pay them according to extra hours for their hard works.

Also dancing groups too now perform in the wedding ceremonies. This dancing troupe can be girls or you can hire both the girls and young men.

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