Wedding Cakes.

Marrying in Sri Lanka.

Wedding Cakes take important place in the wedding ceremonies all over the world. Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder and food coloring take important place in the making of the marriage cakes. Different designers bake them at different design, height, colors and taste that are ordered by their customer's fir their important event. The prices too vary according to the design, weight, mixture, decorations and the baker.

Wedding cakes are made as,

  1. Main cake for the wedding.
  2. Cake for the marriage registration ceremony.
  3. Rich cake pieces that are to be served for the wedding guests.

In the making of wedding cakes designers used to place decorations, ornaments and toppers on the finely finished cakes to make them stand out at the ceremony.

Take a note, before eating a piece of wedding a cake ask the designer which part are good for eating as many of them have decorations that are not good for eating and are placed there to make the cake to be beautiful.

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